The Aziende Agricole Stasi, situated in the heart of Salento, represent, from four generations, an important apulian and Italian excellence. The olive trees, between Ionian and Adriatic, patrimony and symbol of an luminous and colored earth, in harmony with these places express their goodness and elegance in a high quality extra virgin, unique and precious.


This reality taken its origins at the end of the 800 from the olive grove site in Mesagne by ancestor Antonio Stasi and through the activities of the second generation, represented by grandfather Francesco (Lu Patrunu Ciccillo) in Torre Santa Susanna, it was handed down in the decades up to come first in the expert hands of Fernando with the purchase of the Masseria Arciprete, now a symbol of the company, finally, to the new generation, which is also engaged in the company's growth, which led in 2002 to the birth of the "Aziende Agricole Stasi"reorganized in the systems of production, processing, quality control, marketing and image.

Olive Grove

Today the company is extended for approximately 140 hectares between the towns of Torre Santa Susanna, Mesagne and Erchie.
The surface to olive grove, of property in prevalence and part in management, is of 120 hectares with approximately 28.000 plants to intensive system and 2,700 laity and millenarians, placed in average to an altitude of 74 meters above sea level.
Olive varieties range from traditional Ogliarola Salentina and Cellina di Nardò at national and mediterranean Biancolilla, Koroneiki, Toscanina, Carolea, Pendolino, Nocellara Messinese, Tonda Iblea, Cassanese, Coratina, Pecholine, Nociara, Leccino, Frantoio, Cima di Melfi.


The control of the entire production process, enabling the company to respect and ensure, at each stage of the cycle, a high standard of quality. The harvest takes place from October until the first week of December and is effected by shaking with umbrella last generation that allow for a highly effective mechanical stripping, respecting both the right time of maturation of each variety and both the integrity of the fruit.

The milling is done within 2 hours of collection in the modern oil mill in a continuous cycle with cold extraction, so as to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of quality. The production is carried out for every single cultivar, stored in the absence of oxygen in rooms at a constant temperature. Each batch is subjected to chemical analysis and sensory, and through panel test accredited are evaluated organoleptic characteristics of the different single-variety oils products.

Only after this careful analysis, are compounds the final blend of the four product lines. Subsequently oils bottled in company by means of a packing plant with a production capacity of 800 bottles/hour.


Salento, with its sea, nature, music, art, history and its masserie, is a unique area.

Located in the heart of the company, Masseria Arciprete is a fortress complex built by the Church in the early 1500s to defend the territory flagellated at that time from the Turkish invasions. Today the Masseria is recognized as a well of historical and cultural interest, it is a place of welcome for promotional activities such as tastings, conferences, educational and cultural activities.

For company visits you can contact the responsible of welcoming to the number 0831 740439 or with a mail to .